Hello, It’s AYA.


Nice to meet you. My name is Aya.
I am a pure Japanese who was born and raised in Japan. Currently, I am living abroad and raising my two children to be bilingual in English and Japanese. I have started sharing on social media to let people overseas know more about the greatness of Japan.


My 8-year-old daughter is also sharing her study process as she masters Japanese, so let’s all study Japanese together. Additionally, I used to work at a travel agency when I lived in Japan, so I’m knowledgeable about tourism in Japan. I’ll be sharing recommendations for travel as well, so please look forward to it.

I want many people to learn about Japan, so I would appreciate your support by subscribing to my Instagram and YouTube channels. Your support means a lot to me and keeps me motivated.

Free download ひらがな HIRAGANA worksheets/ 24 pages

In learning Japanese, there are three writing systems: ひらがな/Hiragana, カタカナ/Katakana, and 漢字/Kanji.
First, master Hiragana, then move on to Katakana, and finally, Kanji. Hiragana serves as the foundation of the Japanese language.

This free worksheet focuses on mastering the Hiragana characters in the ‘あ行A’ and ‘か行Ka’ rows. If you find it helpful, consider purchasing the premium version to master all Hiragana 46 characters.

Repetition is key to memorizing Hiragana. Use this worksheet daily to reinforce your learning. Additionally, this worksheet provides guidance on the stroke order of each character.

Let’s begin practicing!

Free download here



Free download 漢字 KANJI worksheets

I received many requests, so I created kanji practice worksheets.

Please give them a try. If you have any future requests, I will also create other worksheets.


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Free download here